Case Studies

Ford Australia SmartCart AGC 2011

Case Study

In an effort to reduce the cost of the repetitive task of delivering Fenders to the production line, Ford Australia turned to its long time automation partner Webb Australia to install a SmartCart AGC.

This automatic cart  is guided by a magnetic bar which is recessed into the concrete to avoid ware and tear. It waits at the loading point for an operator to hitch on a trolley. Using the HMI, the operator then releases the cart which travels unaided for 150mtrs to the delivery point where it waits for an operator to unhitch the loaded trolley, hitch an unloaded trolley and release the cart for its return journey.

The SmartCart has been operating flawlessly and consistently onsite since 2011. With only simple preventative maintenance being performed by Ford staff, the machine has required no intervention from Webb Australia is over 5years of operation.

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