Standard & Customised AGVs

Handling a broad range of material handling needs up to 5,000 kg

Custom Automation is a leading supplier of Rocla AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) Forklift Trucks in Australia.

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Rocla is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of AGV forklift trucks. Since 1983, Rocla have successfully delivered over 7000 AGV’s worldwide across warehousing and logistics, production, paper industry and food & beverage industries.

Rocla AGVs utilise the Kollmorgen/NDC navigation system which is tried and tested in thousands of applications, through a number of AGV manufacturers all over the world.

Rocla’s AGVs are automatically navigated and operate without drivers. Through automation, impressive cost savings can be achieved, especially in shift work and in longer transfers. Personnel can devote their time to more demanding and pleasant tasks instead of monotonous, routine transfers. Also, using automation increases the safety of work premises.

The goal of an AGV solution is to improve material handling efficiency and thus reduce costs and increase profitability. With Rocla’s advanced process management, customers receive a total logistics solution with a measurable performance boost.

Leasing options are available through Custom Automation also to avoid capital outlay.


  • Easy and quick implementation
  • Minimum modifications to existing buildings
  • No additional fixed structures
  • Reliable 24/7 operation in critical applications
  • Traceable, properly identified product movement
  • Dramatically improved safety
  • Environmentally-friendly technology
  • Hygienic operations
  • Logistical flexibility – easy updates and modifications
  • Low life-cycle cost
  • Reduced operation and maintenance costs
  • Local maintenance and support
  • 24/7 Global help desk


  • Counterbalance Forklift
    • Lifting height up to 7,000mm
    • Loads up to 2,000kg
  • Low lift Forklift
    • Lifting height up to 1,500mm
    • Loads up to 1,200kg
  • Straddle Fortlift
    • Lifting height up to 8,600mm
    • Loads up to 5,000kg
  • Conveyor Forklift
    • Lift function as an option
    • Loads up to 5,000kg
  • Reach Fork Forklift
    • Lifting height up to 8,600mm
    • Loads up to 1,200kg



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