Custom Storage Systems

Automatic Storage / Retrieval Systems

Custom Automation specialises in bespoke, custom designed automated storage and retrieval machines.

We have implemented innovative engineering techniques to produce a variety of Automated Storage / Retrieval Systems that improve the efficiency and productivity of transporting, buffering, and sortation of standard and non-standard loads.

Our speciality is large components; our nimble and flexible approach has lead to providing installations for Mitsubishi, Ford and other companies with a requirement of handling large machinery.

Ultimate Inventory Control

At the heart of the ASRS is a powerful, easy to use software for inventory management and automation control. Built on many years of successful installations, these software systems are:

  • Standardised… for field proven reliability in repeated use.
  • Robust… built to live in the real world of industrial environment and user.
  • Flexible… to adapt to the variety of customer specific operating needs.
  • State-of-the-art… taking full advantage of the incredible power of the latest hardware, software tools and design techniques.

We offer control systems that provide complete, proven solutions to meet any inventory management need including:

  • small to mid-sized warehouse operations.

The types of systems we can offer are:

Unit Load AS/RS

High-density pallet buffer designed to maximize vertical storage space while maintaining a compact footprint. Several modes are available to handle pallet loads from 500kg to 3,000kg and rack heights up to 36mtr. The unit load can also be used to store long or bulky items, hazardous materials, frozen items (to-40C) and low-noise applications.

Mini Load AS/RS

A high-speed, high-density buffer that can replace conventional static rack to maximize vertical storage space within a compact footprint. The Mini Load moves and stores irregularly shaped goods or parts placed in: stacking totes, collapsible totes, nesting containers and case/cardboard boxes. Items are transported to/from the Mini Load by conveyor, shuttle fork, side belt, side clamp, Sorting Transfer Vehicle (STV) or Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV).

Please visit our You Tube Channel for videos on our ASRS in action.

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