Case Studies

Lewis Australia 2020

Case Study

Custom Automation was commissioned by Lewis Australia to design and build a heavy duty ingot conveyor capable of handling two tonne stacks of ingots through various stacking and banding processes at a speed of 380mm/s.

Custom Automation’s engineering team designed a solution to meet these requirements by utilising a heavy duty high side chain conveyor spanning 7.5m and a 6.7m heavy duty roller conveyor comprised of 6 independently driven sections for final accumulation of two tonne stacks of product. The roller conveyor is specifically designed to protect the rollers against damage from forklift tines during the unloading of product.

Transition between the two conveyors is facilitated by specialised driven transition rollers which overlap with the end of the chain conveyor, ensuring smooth travel of product at all times.

The chain, rollers, and drive motors were all custom made to meet the needs of the client and fitted to the conveyor frames built in-house at Custom Automation to our high manufacturing standards.

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