Case Studies

Laminex 2019

Case Study

When Laminex sought to replace one of their product handling conveyors, they contacted Custom Automation to design and build a solution that they could install, and connect to their existing control electronics.

The team at Custom Automation was able to design and build a fully featured two section chain conveyor system able to transport flat sheets weighing 775kg at 2 x 3.8m in size at 0.45m/s.

The chain was custom made and fitted with specially produced rubber pads to carry the product without causing damage.

In order to allow the passage of forklifts, one of the conveyor sections was fitted with rollers and mounted on a fixed base track. Additionally, each conveyor section also included a telescoping section allowing the whole conveyor to extend and retract over the 2.3m wide forklift aisle while always remaining mated with the other section.

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