Case Studies

Criterion Industries 2018-2019

Case Study

Having previously performed maintenance on their conveyor systems, Custom Automation was the natural choice to design, build, and install the conveyor system for Criterion Industries’ move to a new plant with significantly greater production capacity and product throughput.

The custom engineered overhead Power and Free conveyor system containing over 700m of chain across four synchronized loops with automatic lubrication and product carrier transfer to manage the travel of product through different stages of the powder coating and handling processes at the appropriate speed.

The system utilises two powder spray booths, and dynamically routes product by tracking the position and required process of each individual carrier of product as it travels through the system in order to minimise downtime required for colour change,  maintain spacing required to prevent cross contamination, and prevent incorrect flow of product.

The team at Custom Automation handled the entire design, build, and installation process of the conveyor system, streamlining the install process, and ensuring both that the system worked as intended, and the satisfaction of the client.


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