Case Studies

Wiley & Co 2010-2011

Case Study

Experts in Hide Handling, Wiley & Co needed an experienced team to assist in improving the efficiency and safety of their Queensland plant.

They required a conveyor system to transport hides between processes, allowing workers to remove and return hides to the conveyor system as required for cleaning, weighing, and curing in brine.

They came to Custom Automation, experts in Power and Free chain conveyor systems, to design and assemble a system customised to meet their needs.

Custom Automation project managed the conveyor installation lifecycle from Consultation, Design, Equipment Design, Build, Install to Commission for a Power Only (chain) conveyor with fully galvanised construction to protect the system from damage due to the demanding environment.

Custom Automation worked closely with Wiley & Co to ensure that needs and expectations were met, and with our exceptional project management we were able to successfully complete the project within the required time frame, and meeting all the needs of Wiley & Co.

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