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Textor Technologies 2017

Case Study

Seeking to better utilise their work force and minimise forklift movements in the production area, Textor Technologies engaged Custom Automation to automate the repetitive task of moving product around the production area.

After consultation with Custom Automation’s engineering team, Textor elected to move forward with an Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) system. These carts, equipped with a custom built Load Handling Frame (LHF) were to be tasked with the duty of collecting large rolls of fluid transfer fabric from the production line, and delivering them to other areas of the factory to undergo further processing or storage.

The developed system has two AGCs operating simultaneously and charging during operation to prevent any disruptions to product flow, and maintain very high uptime. These AGCs follow a  magnetic tape laid on the factory floor for guidance, and use an array of sensors to operate safely and ensure precise stopping, traffic control, and alignment with the conveyor systems. The AGCs’  on board sensors enable the detection of obstructions, allowing the safe interaction of the AGCs with production personnel or forklifts should the need for manual product handling arise.

The design of the Textor facility presented challenges when it came to planning the paths of the AGCs, due to the presence of some narrow aisles, and the need for bi-directional travel. Additionally, the Custom Automation team was required to install the system while the Textor plant was still in full operation. Despite these constraints, the system was successfully installed, and optimised without disruption to the operation of the factory.

Textor Technologies has since employed Custom Automation to extend the system into their warehouse area and have expressed further interest in adding an additional AGC system to their operations for handling scrap and raw materials.

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