Case Studies

Dana 2016

Case Study

Seeking to update and replace their previous transmission shaft painting system when moving factories, Dana contacted Custom Automation Australia to design one to be suit their new location.

After a process of discussion, and creation of a number of prototypes, the management from Dana decided upon a single hand-driven monorail loop with custom made mounting hooks to hang the shafts for painting. The system designed by the engineering team at Custom Automation also had protective caps to prevent paint reaching unwanted areas, and grounding clips to prevent accumulation of static electricity from the powder coating process.

The system had a total track length over 50 metres, bearing 20 carrier assemblies, each carrying a load weight of 80kg that serve the entirety of the painting process, from product loading to drying and unloading.

The in-house engineers and fabricators at Custom Automation were able to design and build a solution that met Dana’s needs, and deliver it well within the required timeframe.

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