Case Studies

BCS 2016

Case Study

When BCS was contracted to implement a product handling and logistics system for a Target’s new pick-packing warehouse, they turned to Custom Automation in order to build aand Load Handling Frame (LHF) incorporating a powered roller conveyor to go atop the Automatic Guided Carts (AGC) produced by BCS’ parent company Daifuku.

The LHF was required to transfer 1.2 metre square pallets weighing up to 850kg to and from the conveyor system, which itself contained 138 picking stations and spanned an area over 100 m2. This was achieved by creating a telescopic arm assembly fitted with a pair of pins on linear bearings that can either push or pull a pallet enclosed by the arms on or off a conveyor as required. In order to ensure motion of both the arms, and pins within is smooth and keeps the pallet in good alignment, each side is driven by its own chain drive.

For the purposes of safety, each of the eleven LHFs Custom Automation was commissioned to build include safety sensors that stop the system if the arms are blocked during extension, preventing objects from becoming trapped between the arms and the conveyor or other obstacles.

Despite working under a very tight time constraint, Custom automation’s dedicated team of engineers and fabricators were able to successfully design and build all of the LHFs required by BCS within their time requirements, and have required no further intervention from Custom Automation to maintain.

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